Friday, April 3, 2009

The Socks Have Been Gifted!!

The shorty socks were finished yesterday and given to Michelle last night. (This is a pic of the second sock on its journey to the first which was already with Michelle.) I'm so excited that the stripes on them matched up. (Completely by accident!!) I'll finish sizing the pattern and should have it posted soon.

Day 5

After finishing Michelle's socks, I cast-on for my March Socks a month late. (Ooops!) The good news is, though, that after a fiddly beginning, they have been going really quickly. These are being worked toe-up on Conjoined Creations' Flat Feet and I absolutely adore them!! I am so happy to see them getting all stripy and it's so much fun to see where the next color will fall. (Yes, I am very easily entertained...) ^_^

Day 6


LeArmoire said...

sweeeet! I love the new ones you started too! :)

quiltmaker said...

Shaina, I am absolutely amazed at your knitting! Nance saidyou haven't even been doing it that long and your stitches looks so perfect and even! BTW, I want a pair of those socks!