Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It is now 2:20 AM...

... and I am tired, hungry, sore and crabby.

Our evening got off to a great start when our toilet overflowed all over the bathroom so much that we had to use most of our towels to be able to catch it before it ran down the vent. This resulted in the bathroom floor needing to be mopped. I decided that if the whole floor was getting mopped, then the rest of the bathroom should be tidied a bit, too. So, most of my evening was devoted to scrubbing the shower, tub, sink, mirror and pretty much everything else in the room while washing the toilet-water towels.

By the time that was finished (midnight), I was in no way ready to go to sleep (Dan had been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours already). So, I decided that I should take advantage of the peace and quiet to attempt to figure-out where I had gone wrong on my dad's lace bath cloth. I really should have gone to bed... or at least should have been mindlessly knitting row upon row of 2x2 ribbing on Merecedes scarf while watching a movie and dozing on the couch. Oh, no. I decided that I needed to work on the dang lace pattern that I've been having issues with since the cast-on.

This was a very bad idea.

I was almost 1/2 done with the whole thing when I picked it up tonight, but now look at it:

Yes, after all my hard work and hours upon hours of attempting to wrestle the pattern into something real, I frogged the whole darn thing and started over.

It was a lot harder to do this than you may realize. I had never had to frog an entire project because of an issue that I couldn't fix. I'm sure that tomorrow I'll wake-up, look at the pattern realize what I did wrong, and curse my hasty decision. At this point, though, frogging seemed the only logical reason with tomorrow being Christmas Eve and the other Christmas projects that I still have to work on sitting in bags by my bedroom door. That pattern had been giving me problems from the get-go, so maybe this is for the better.

We'll see what happens in the morning once I have a clear head.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have I been busy!!

Oof, I thought that I would be able to get on here more, but I've just been so busy with Christmas knitting that I really haven't done anything else. I've only got my sister's and dad's to finish and then I have to start my mom's if I have time. I do have another gift for her, though, so if her's isn't finished by Christmas, it may be a New Year's gift. She'll still love it, right?

I started and finished Robert's Christmas Scarf last week and I just love how it turned-out!! Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some pictures of it before I wrap it up. This is one that I just improvised after I got the yarn. Originally, I thought that I could get away with just a simple blue (#0133) garter-stitch scarf for him, but I just didn't like how it was turning-out. So that idea was ripped-out and replaced with a simple checkerboard pattern of knits and purls for the body of the scarf... then I ran out of yarn. Back to the yarn store I went and bought the same yarn (Plymouth Yarn - Jelli Beenz) in red (#1386). I switched to a double seed stitch for the last 16 rows then took out the blue cast-on stitches so that I could work the same design in red on that end. I finished the whole thing with fringe in the red and few blue scraps that I had left and it's just perfect for little Mr. Robert.


(I promise I'll post pictures and a pattern as soon as possible.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yay for Yarn!!

I'm so excited to get this up and going. I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile now and finally took the time to get it done. Yay!!

Now onto the projects...

I've been working on my Tech Squares Afghan for a few months now and am nearing the end. I love the way that everything is turning out & can't wait to snuggle in it. Yesterday in class Lisa was amazing and gave me the extra ball of Malibrigo that she had left over from her Afghan and it's the most lovely shade of teal. I am so going to make it into a wonderful lacy scarf as soon as possible.

I just got the best yarn ever for Robert's Christmas present and am going to make a simple garter-stitch scarf with auto-I-Cord on the edges. He'll love it because it's Thomas-Blue and has lots of other colored flecks in it.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'll hopefully be getting either a new camera or we'll find the disk to ours soon. Until then, I'll just have to be good at describing.