Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Stash Organization

The sun never did fully come out yesterday, but I decided to take some pics during mid-day anyway. I don't think that they turned-out too horribly...


Baby Bee: Sweet Delight Baby
Colorway: Frolic Ombre
Using for October Socks

Baby Bee: Sweet Delight Baby
Colorway: Ladybug Ombre
Using for April Socks

Sunshine Yarns: Soft Sock Yarn
Colorway: Bitterroot
Using for July Socks

Also, my January Socks are all finished!! I'll post pics of the totally complete ones once I get them loaded onto my computer. Until then, though, you'll have to just look at the "almost there" socks...

(I'm sorry about the bad lighting. As I told you, the sun never really came out yesterday.)

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