Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy Busy!! (but lots of fun...)

We had an amazing day at Athena’s yesterday!! They had their 2nd annual Yarn Tasting and I loved it. The whole idea behind it is to let everyone sample little “tastes” of different fibers that we may not normally try.

This year the line-up included:

  • Qiviuk (gold) - 28 yards
  • Possum (Green) - 33 yards
  • Handpaint Linen Lace (Orange/Yellow/Green) - 36 yards
  • Traboajos (Brown/Red/Green/Orange) - 24 yards
  • Creative Focus Silk (Pink) - 20 yards
  • Wagtail 2ply (Orange) - 55 yards
  • Silky Merino (Brown) - 23 yards
  • Jelly (Raspberry) - 26 yards
  • Along with a pair of size 5, 5” Rosewood double points and a sample of wool wash.

Also, this year they included patterns to make either a hat, gauntlets or a moebius scarf out of the samples. I chose the hat because I love it to death and think that it’s amazing!! (Photo of different the tastes shamelessly stolen from Athena's Flickr.)

Finally, I have pics of the completed January Socks. (Forgive the strangeness, it was somewhere around 2 am when I decided to have a photo-shoot with them...)

Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau is the first KAL that we’re doing in the Laura Chau Designs Group on Ravelry & it started on Feb 1, 2009. I got started a day late on this because yesterday was completely crazy busy. I’ve got the cast-on, though. Sadly, no pics of the 200 stitch cast-on... but I did have pics of the lovely yarn that I'll be using for it until I looked at them and realized how horrible they were. Maybe tomorrow...

I did, however, get started on my February Socks right on time and I love the way that they are looking!! I'm wondering, though, if this colorway is supposed to be a self-striping yarn because of the striping/pooling that I'm getting. I'll have to ask Rita to find out for sure. Either way, though, I love this colorway for this month.

I am still trying to get into this type of sock. Normally, I wouldn't knit my socks flat because I love just going round and round in stockinette but I really wanted to try a bunch of different types of socks with this year long project. So, I'm knitting socks flat and them seaming them. The pattern itself is written well, I'm just not a fan of the back-and-forth stockinette (I would much rather be using my little 9" sock-circs).

Laura does do a really good job of explaining the hows and whys of this type of sock which is really nice. (Like why you need to cast-on more stitches for a sock knit flat than you would for a sock knit in the round.)

Yet another Ribbed-For-Her-Pleasure Scarf (Debbie Stoller) is in the works. After seeing me make everyone else scarves for Christmas, Karen (an ex-coworker/friend) asked if I could make one for her, too. She picked my favorite colorway, so how could I say no?

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