Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trying to get all caught up...

Right now my knitting obsession is threatening to take over our little apartment so I need to make an honest attempt to organize everything before something gets either destroyed or spilled on. I almost had a heart attack when my dad's washcloth was nearly drenched in tea last night because I was trying to avoid stepping on a bag of afghan squares. So, I decided that in the next few days I'm going to focus on getting all of my yarn and projects entered both here and on Ravelry and then safely packed away so that I don't go crazy.


January Socks - I decided to make at least one pair of socks each month this year out of Laura Chau's book, "Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting". (Which, just so happens to have 12 different sock patterns.) I love the things that Laura designs and have been meaning to try my hand at socks for awhile now so this is the perfect way to force myself to finally get going. The first pair is the Basic Top-Down Sock Pattern and I've just completed my first sock this morning!! It's just a wee bit snug width-wise so I think that i'll go up a size for my next pair of socks, but keep the lengths the same.

Finished Winter Buddy - I've been putting off taking pics of my finished snowman and I have no idea why. I'm so glad that I found these buttons at Walmart, though. I think that I paid all of $1.50 for a nice big pack of them in black and white. They work very nicely in place of coal, don't they?


Regia: Bamboo Color
Colorway: #1065
Using for January Socks

Castle Fibers: Castle's Royal Sock Yarn
Colorway: Christmas Candy Canes
Using for Febuary Socks

Castle Fibers: Yarn(scapes)
Colorway: SD Sunset
I haven't decided which month this will be used for, yet.

Conjoined Creations: Flat Feet
Each flat is unique so there is no colorway
Using for March Socks

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