Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dog On It

Dog On It, originally uploaded by EdwardRad.

This is a super awesome book!! I started reading it a couple days ago intending to read 3 chapters a day (I'm not ambitious, they're really short) but today I got sucked right in and am now about half-way done with it. Originally, I had recommended it to my aunt and cousin to read because some of my co-workers had recommended it to me. I kept putting off reading it until my aunt sent it home with me because she just adored it. Now I'm seeing why everyone liked it so much. The story is told from the dog's (Chet's) perspective so any tense bits get broken up by his either getting distracted or sleepy. You would think that key plot points would be skipped by relating the story this way, but they aren't, you just don't have to read all the technical details about what's going on. This is a great quick read if you're looking for something light and humorous. A nice little bonus is that it was just released in paperback so it's perfect for reading groups and tucking inside your knitting bag. ^_^

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