Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Times

I am so super excited!!! At knitting tonight, Teresa (sp?) surprised me with an early birthday gift of roving and a drop spindle from herself and Rita. I've been wanting to try spinning ever since Rita had a demo for us at Athena's a few months back, but I just wasn't sure where to start. There are so many different kinds of spindles and types of roving out there, it was pretty overwhelming. I can't wait till tomorrow to play with everything. (I'm too tired to try anything new tonight.)

Also, I finished sewing the seams on my first February Sock tonight at B&N. Knitting socks flat is really a leap of faith. When you're knitting them in the round (whether toe-up or top-down) you can at least try them on as you go. By just knitting them flat, you really have no clue as to whether they will actually fit you or not until that last seam is in. I tried mine on as soon as I got home and all I can say is this:


This sock actually turned-out quite a bit better than my January Socks did. I managed to make my heel flap correctly. (I realized as I was starting the heel flap on this sock that I did the ones on my January Socks wrong. You do not, in fact, slip every-other stitch on each row, only on the right-side rows.) The pieces of the foot lined-up nicely as I was seaming them. I adore the way the stripes worked-out and, basically, these socks are going to be on my most-worn list.

(Sorry for the lack of pics. I'll post some soon.) ^_^

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