Friday, February 20, 2009

Re-evaluating the situation

I really need to get back to just two projects on the needles at one time. I've been trying to have 3-4 projects going at once, but it just ends with me getting stressed about my knitting. Not my goal. I always get so excited about each new project, but as I work my way around all the ones I have going, I slowly loose my enthusiasm for them. At that point, my knitting just becomes a chore. Something that I have to do that isn't even remotely fun. If I only have one project to work on at home and another to carry with me, I can see more progress and it's much more satisfying.

Another thought occurred to me this week: I suck at gift knitting.

I just recently was able to remember to buy a gift bag for Karen's Scarf. This particular gift was promised back in December & has actually been completed and sitting in my living room since February 9th. That's 10 days of me forgetting to put it in a gift bag and drop it by the store she works at. Soon, I swear it will be gifted soon.

Also, my dad's washcloth is back in time-out because 1.) I have many other projects that I would rather be working on, and 2.) I officially hate it. This time, I really don't have a good reason for hating it. I think that it has just crossed me one too many times in the past. I've finally gotten all the kinks worked-out in the chart (I think) and can work on it fairly smoothly. I really shouldn't have any problems with finishing it, right? No. Now, I only want to glare at it and make it burst into flames so I don't feel compelled to continue on.

Only good karma is being knit into this gift. -_-

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LeArmoire said...

I know exactly what you mean about having a million projects going at once. It's hard to stop having so many and just stick to two, but once you do, it's fantastic.